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Excel 2013: Level 2

Código: 09-1052SE
Marca: MICROSOFT Nivel: Desktop
Duración: 1 Precio: $175.00
Método Enseñanza: Instructor Led  
Pre-requisito: Excel 2013: Level 1
When you are manually calculating and recording data on paper, you must recalculate every time that you add new data. If you are working with large volumes of data, by the time you have recalculated the new set of data, the paper-based sheets can be practically illegible, forcing you to create a new copy each time that data changes. Updating data in an Excel worksheet is fast and easy. All you need to do is insert the new data and configure the sheet so that calculations are updated whenever the data changes. Storing your data in Excel also enables you to run reports on the data, perform calculations, print your work to share with others, and much more. In this course, you will use Microsoft® Office Excel® 2013 to create spreadsheets and workbooks that you can use to store, manipulate, and share your data.

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