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Data Science R Basic

Código: SDTDS003
Marca: SDT Nivel: Technical
Duración: 3 Precio: Llame al (787)589-8080
Método Enseñanza: Instructor Led  
Pre-requisito: Este curso no tiene pre-requisitos sugeridos.
R is a language known as freeware, since it has no license cost, it is designed to perform data analysis, it is specialized in statistical data analysis, and it has excellent libraries for data visualization and for developing applications. It is an open-source programming language, where the community of R users continually contributes to its improvement with libraries, and even with commercial applications. RStudio is a program that makes the use of R more user-friendly. This introductory course will allow the participant to introduce themselves to data analysis using R and RStudio. Basic concepts will be explained using a theoretical and practical approach, allowing the participant to learn how to install both programs, become familiar with their operation, learn to read data using R, and be able to effectively perform data management and data visualization operations.

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